SolarSonical Insects #2 (2012)




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Museum for Natural Science Karlsruhe

SolarSonical Insects #2
16.11.12 - 27.01.2013

extended until 10.03.2013:

MicroSound-LED-Video-Light-Triptych at the wall facing of the museum


For the inner exhibition space: An enterable microSound macroVideo event sphere (4-channel)

For the wall facing: A sculptural LED Video Light Triptych with audio-streaming per mobil tagging



SolarSonical Insects – An enterable microSound colorLight event sphere (2012)


Audio Video Installation 10´35´´ (Loop)




(48,3 MB, Exzerpt 1´37´´)


(2,7MB, Exzerpt 3´00´´)


(9,72 MB, Total 10 ´35´´)




Video still of the audio video installation „SolarSonical Insects“ <SA/JO>, 2012
HD recording of the sun, from Nov. 27th 2010, by the NASA satellite Solar
Dynamic Observatory (SDO), instrument AIA, wave length 304, © NASA



Kindly supported by and in co-operation with the “Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research” (MPS), member of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (MPG).



ZKM l Media Museum
Sound Art. Sound as a Medium of Art
17.03.12 – 06.01.13




„It is insects that let us hear the truth that all kinds of becoming are molecular!“ (G. Deleuze)


7,200 NASA satellite pictures of the SUN - animated in freely varying speeds between 10 to 50 pictures per second - are accelerated.

(Ultrasound-)microphone recordings of INSECTS (mainly cicadas, crickets and grasshoppers) are acoustically decelerated and transposed into the human audible range by means of procedures we developed in the mid 1990s. In this way, by reducing-shortening ACCELERATION of the infinitely long durations of the sun, the INVISIBLE becomes VISIBLE, and by enlarging-extending DECELERATION the infinitely short durations of insects, the INAUDIBLE becomes AUDIBLE.

Thus, the more TIME manages to transform itself somewhat into a SOUNDING imagined, enterable COLOURLIGHT-resonance-BODY of the „sun“, the more intensively the molecular-acoustic vibrations of insect sounds and -noises mutate into a SHINING imagined enterable MICROSOUND-resonance-SPACE.


In this way the insects are continuously transformed within a quasi symbiotically fluctuating transition-zone into polyrhythmic-paradoxical oscillating complexes, „SOLAR“ INSTRUMENTS, that are played by the LIGHT of the sun with which they are communicating.






Peter Weibel, curator of the exhibition „Sound Art. Sound as a medium of Art“: „… Krebs and Schäfer are the Hookes [Robert Hooke, 1635-1702] of sound-light art … more





Views of the installation

Photos above: Reinhard E. Vollmer
Photos below: Steffen Harms/ZKM